With Northern Wisconsin natives Pat Kreitlow, Kristen Brey, and Kirk Bangstad, this podcast focuses on Wisconsin politics and culture through the lens of being Up North.

Ep. 15: What Have We Learned?

Kristin, Kirk, and Pat talk to Rep. Jodi Emerson of Eau Claire about the final state budget bill passed by Republicans in our season finale. They cover the missed opportunities of a squandered surplus and then review what else we've learned about this session of the Legislature before the summer break.


Ep. 14: How to Blow a $4 Billion Surplus

Wisconsin has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to use a budget surplus to fix long-running problems. Instead, school students aren't getting anything extra for education. Heather DuBois Bourenane of the Wisconsin Public Education Network explains the GOP proposal to Pat, Kirk, and Kristin.


Ep. 13: PFAS and Clean Water Up North

Kirk, Kristin, and Pat talk to Zach Vruwink, city administrator in Rhinelander, and Doug Oitzinger, former mayor of Marinette, about GOP and WMC efforts to block clean-up of industrial chemicals called PFAS.


Ep. 12: Farmers, Fair Maps, and Fair Taxes

Kirk and Pat talk to Hans Breitenmoser, a Lincoln County dairy farmer and activist for putting an end to gerrymandered political maps. Kristin files a report on a big, fat corporate tax break that survives even as GOP legislators try to take away pandemic relief from families.


Ep. 11: The Laundry List of Badness

Pat, Kristin, and Kirk talk to Jorna Taylor about Pride Month and inclusiveness. They also review the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad list of headlines about politicians who would rather exclude people than solve problems and bring people together.


Ep. 10: C'mon, White People

Kirk, Kristin, Kirk and Pat talk with Marathon County Board member Ka Lo about the difficulties and divisions that opened up when the board was asked to make a simple statement of openness, diversity, and inclusion. Also, Sen. Jeff Smith on a bill to end gerrymandering in Wisconsin.


Ep. 9: What's This Button Do?

Kristin, Kirk, and Pat talk to Rep. Francesca Hong about the so-called labor shortage which is actually a red flag to fix our broken system for paying hospitality workers. And our last segment got lost when someone hit a button in a burst of energy!


Ep. 8: Ladies' Night!

Kristin, Kirk, and Pat talk about the resumption of social activities for those who’ve been doing the right things. Also, Rep. Evan Goyke about massive Republican cuts to the proposed state budget and its impact on the state.


Ep. 7: Cheeseheads and Chuckleheads

Kirk, Kristin, and Pat talk about the assorted characters who do everything from block vaccination progress to complain about Cardi B. Our guest is attorney Christine Bremer who outlines how Gov. Tony Evers makes judge appointments differently than the former guy.


Ep. 6: Holy Balls!

Kristin, Kirk and Pat are joined by Wausau Mayor Katie Rosenberg. Topics include goats, buckthorn, local government in northern Wisconsin, our new email address and much more.


Ep. 5: Feel the Power... of Getting Nothing Done.

Kirk and Pat are joined by State Rep. Jodi Emerson of Eau Claire to discuss the many ways Assembly Speaker Robin Vos wants to wield power: governor, attorney general, elections chair, school board… everything, it seems, but state legislator.


Ep. 4: Radioactive

Kristin, Kirk and Pat on the radio! The show touches on fish fries, elk hunting, and even the pros and cons of what cheese should be the state cheese!


Ep. 3: Trails and Tribulations

Kristin, Kirk and Pat discuss how local governments have to balance listening to businesses that want to attract trail riders, and residents who want peace and quiet. Also, local elections are sexy!


Ep. 2: Squeaky Cheese and Smoking Meat

The podcast hosts discuss WI vaccine availability, the child tax credit, the minimum wage and much more.


Ep. 1: Only One Fishing Shanty Left On Lake Wissota

The show touches on the stimulus package, the wolf hunt, and even the pros and cons of daylight savings time.


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