Ep 75: Time to End the 12 Year Temper Tantrum (and Expand Medicaid)


On this week’s Up North Podcast, Pat and Kirk spoke with Elder Law Expert Paul Sturgul and Family Practitioner Dr. Ann Reitz about how Wisconsin is one of only 11 states that hasn't adopted Medicaid expansion, and the only Midwestern state left. We then discussed how changing the balance of Wisconsin's Supreme Court could make Republicans more accountable to the health of their constituencies and heal our state, both literally and figuratively.

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Video Length: 47:01

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The #Wisconsin #Republican Legislature’s 12-year temper tantrum against #Medicaid...#shorts

The #Wisconsin #Republican Legislature’s 12-year temper tantrum against #Medicaid expansion is 100% illogical. It leaves billions of #federal tax #...

March 24, 2023


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March 10, 2021


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